Experience the Dream of Buying a Home in Wisconsin with FHA Loans

If your credit score is lower than average, then you may think that buying a home is a dream out of reach. However, with an FHA loan, you can experience home ownership for yourself. Midwest Mortgage of America Corporation is your leading loan specialists in Wisconsin, offering access to a vast array of loan products including FHA loans. If you are a first time homebuyer, or you have a lower than average income or credit score, we will assist you throughout your application in order to bring your dream of home ownership into reality.

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What are the Benefits of FHA Loans for Home Buyers?

FHA loans are perfect for those with lower than average incomes or credit scores. With a credit score of over 580, you only need to pay a 3.5% down payment. This may rise to 10% if your credit score falls below this threshold. Midwest Mortgage of America Corporation is an FHA-approved lender in Wisconsin, and we work with you to provide the most cost effective rates in order to protect your dream. Our specialists have over two decades of experience with loan originations, ensuring that you can get into your new home sooner.

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