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If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that things have the power to change very quickly. This is even more accurate when it comes to lending, and having access to a team with their finger on the latest market trends. This particular knowledge is crucial when it comes to finding the lowest rates possible. Midwest Mortgage of America Corporation is your leading mortgage expert offering value when it comes to home ownership. Our extensive experience in the industry, as well as our knowledge of loan products and originations, will get you into your new home faster.One of the first concerns clients have when purchasing a home or refinancing your existing loan, is the type of loan to purchase. Fixed rate and adjustable rate mortgages each have their own benefits and disadvantages, therefore, choosing wisely at this stage is important. Midwest Mortgage of America Corporation is your leading loan provider in Wisconsin, offering access to an outstanding range of loans designed to offer the lowest rates possible. Our team works closely with you to determine your needs and eligibility based on your circumstances in order to simplify the process of buying a home.

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What is the Difference Between a Fixed and Adjustable Rate Loan?

A fixed rate mortgage charges interest at a fixed rate throughout the length of the loan. In comparison, an adjustable rate mortgage often provides a lower interest rate compared to market to begin with, but has the possibility of changing over time. This change can see you paying an even lower rate of interest, but has the possibility to go above what is offered on comparable fixed rate loans. While a fixed rate mortgage can protect you from this volatility, it may not seem as attractive as the terms for an adjustable rate mortgage. Let us at Midwest Mortgage of America Corporation help steer you in the direction that is right for you!

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